Monday, February 19, 2007

Study Four: Nationality Popularity

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I have always known that in Korea there are hardly no Asians teaching English in Korea with the exception of Korean Kyopos. I have also notice that there are not too many Europeans or South Africans. In general, I have observed the majority of people being of North American Nationalities. Is this because there are fewer teachers applying to teach (as shown in a previous study) or is it that Koreans prefer North Americans?

This experiment sets out to achieve this goal.7 Males and 7 females were posted to find jobs. They all have similar education and age. The only difference were there nationalities. Philippines, USA, Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa were the countries chosen for their English abilities. Each person has been posted for one week on several websites that show photos (all candidates are white with exception of one Philippine). The websites chosen here and because the photo posting option and the ability to see the number of views that each person gets.

In this study we will be comparing the number of email replies each candidate receives as well as the number of views that each candidate received. The results are as follow.

In the comparisons I have combined both male and female together. It is repetitive to see the relationship between male and female. In the experiment the difference in hit comparison is equivalent in ratios between the countries. However, like the previous experiments show, female gender is about 25 percent more popular.

As you can see from the results Canada leads in all categories except for number of recruiters. Canada is closely followed by USA in all the categories. New Zealand and Australia both have similar stats in all categories. England and South Africa are about equal to each other as well. Unfortunately, Philippines are not too popular.

It is quite obvious that Korea would prefer a Native English speaker, explaining why the Philippines are not too popular. However, the reason for North American teachers to be more favored may be deeper. Perhaps the Western accent or even Hollywood influence. The next experiment in this series will examine Korean relationship with other races. What skin color will be more preferred amongst Koreans?
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