Sunday, December 03, 2006

Making Large Characters

**** To see the printable characters please click here *****

These Characters are simple to creat and will last for a long, long time. Not only for making characters, but you can use the same procedure to make any large size picture that you wish to use in class.
I find the students love to use these for role plays and it makes the classroom look really good.


Paper print-out of character (use large printer if available)

styrophome board (available at most Korean stationary shops for about 2000 Won each)

spray glue

transparent plastic coating (Tumyeong SSituji)

Cutting razor
1. Print out picture (in this case it is the book’s characters). It is best to use a large printer if your school has one. If not, you can segment out the pictures but you don’t get the same effect.

2. Cut out the picture.

3. Place the picture face down on newspaper. Spray gently with glue spray. Do not over do the glue, or the paper will become saturated and clear.

4. Carefully place the picture face up, beginning with one end, on the Styrofoam board (wood rock). While laying the picture down, iron out any air bubbles with your hand that are created. It is best to do this with another person.

5. Cut out transparent plastic coating that will fit over the entire picture. Make sure to keep the protective backing paper on until it is time to place it over the picture and ensure to over cut the coating. Peel back only a little of the plastic coating and begin ironing it on the picture with your hand. Slowly peel back backing paper at the same time as ironing out the air bubbles. Once again it is best to have two people doing this part.

6. Cut out the picture using a very sharp blade. Make sure you keep the blade sharp during the whole time, or the Styrofoam will chip. Make sure you cut through all 3 layers: coating, paper, and Styrofoam.

7. Add Velcro to the back if you wish it to stick to a bulletin board. Mina is now complete