Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Study Five: Skin Color Popularity

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This study concentrates on people of different race. Appearance is discussed in a later study, but the Caucasian candidates in this study were given different hair colors so as to slightly alter their appearance (e.g. Caucasian with Blonde hair, Caucasian with Brown hair, Caucasian with red hair). Each candidate shared educational background, work experience, and country of origin, Canada. As the most popular English speaking country for foreign teachers (outlined in the previous study of Nationality) Canada allowed this study a status quo in which to work, thus narrowing the focus as much as possible to race. The study was repeated for both male and female. All candidates were posted with a picture and a brief resume alongside two candidates, male and female, with no picture and stated race. The results of this study may confirm suspicions of racial prejudice long held by experienced teachers in Korea, or they may come as a surprise to those new to the country. In either case, the results of this study are revealing of an industry in which so many foreigners work and so little is published about its practices.

As shown previously in the ‘Teacher age Experiment’ females outranked males in job replies by about 25%. This study does not go into detail about the differences between the sexes. However, it is important to note the blond haired Caucasian female received the most replies. The hair color of the Caucasian candidates made little difference. The blond haired females got over 60% more job offers than any other male As stated in the chart she got 21% of all the female jobs while the next closest was the Brown haired females at 17%. Another major difference in the results between males and females was the Asian candidates. The Asian male received 19% of all male jobs while the female received only 9% of all female replies.

The most shocking result was the replies for the African American candidates. The male only received 5% of all jobs and the female 7%. As shown in the chart, the African American male was the only person who received more individual school job offers as apposed to getting a higher percentage of recruiter emails. It appears that recruiters are opposed to recruiting African American individuals.

In conclusion, the two individuals who did not post a photo and state their race received a much higher percentage of job offers than the minority candidates who did. If you are a minority and want to receive a greater number of job offers, it might be wise to withhold disclaiming your race or post a photo until you have received the initial offers from recruiters or schools.

The next experiment will go into the importance of education and experience in finding ESL work in South Korea.

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Blogger wrighty said...

I know it is common in North America to refer to different ethnic groups as different races but I would personally like to get the ball rolling a little faster on the idea that this is an artificial construct that is better left to the past.

After all as educators we owe it to the next generation to recognise the true scientific reality that we all belong to the one race - the human race.

October 17, 2009 6:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This finding, while shocking, doesn't surprise me. 18 years ago, in Saudi Arabia, I had to recruit local teachers for the summer session. A wonderful pair of energetic and experienced African American sisters, applied. The owner of the school turned them down on account their color.

Horrified, I consulted my advanced Saudi students. One suggested that I not find any other teachers. This strategy did the trick; the girls were hired.

However, I quit!

November 16, 2009 1:15 AM  
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